To activate a melody dial *427*1*melody code*2# or send an SMS with melody code to 427 short number. The activation of melodies from "Orange tunes" category is free of charge and the activation fee for other melodies is 400 AMD

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NameArtistCatalogueFragment Code  
A Dlya Vas Ya NiktoButyrka[Chanson]308527
DominoUcom[Ucom tunes]39
A Chyo ChyoByanka[Russian pop music]100976
Change 1Ucom[Ucom tunes]40
Change 2Ucom[Ucom tunes]41
A Dlya VasArmen Atanesyan[Other music]305146
Hin ArqanerUcom[Ucom tunes]42
A Dlya Vas Ya NiktoButyrka[Chanson]100825
Ser KaUcom[Ucom tunes]43
A DreamMaria Nalbandyan[Armenian pop music]308653
U ShatUcom[Ucom tunes]44
A Little More TimeBosson[International music]100819
A Mne Bi V Tvoi SniElka & Yuliya Savicheva[Russian pop music]100548
GigaboomUcom[Ucom tunes]45
A Mozhet Bit VoronaIz m-f Plastilinovaya Vorona[Soundtracks]101165
Santas HereUcom[Ucom tunes]46
Stay ConnectedUcom[Ucom tunes]47
A My LubiliHI FI[Russian pop music]300590
Level UpUcom[Ucom tunes]48
A My LyubiliHI-FI[Russian pop music]101094