To activate a melody dial *127*1*melody code*2# or send an SMS with melody code to 127 short number. The activation of melodies from "Orange tunes" category is free of charge and the activation fee for other melodies is 400 AMD

All melodies

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NameArtistCatalogueFragment Code  
Hayer Miaceq (1)Gurgen Dabaghyan[Armenian pop music]310052
Du Vard Es (1)Martin Mkrtchyan[Armenian pop music]310076
Glendale LifeMartin Mkrtchyan[Armenian pop music]310077
Karotel Em (3)Martin Mkrtchyan[Armenian pop music]310078
Hayn E GalisGurgen Dabaghyan[Armenian pop music]310053
Tsirani TsarMartin Mkrtchyan[Armenian pop music]310079
Vay Vay (6)Martin Mkrtchyan[Armenian pop music]310080
Adana (2)Mger[Armenian pop music]310082
Anund Anmar Ser EMger[Armenian pop music]310083
Bari TsnundMger[Armenian pop music]310084
Brat JanMger[Armenian pop music]310085
Kto (1)Mger[Armenian pop music]310089
Mayrik (16)Mger[Armenian pop music]310090
Mer DaryMger[Armenian pop music]310091
Nevesta (2)Mger[Armenian pop music]310092
Ov E Ov EMger[Armenian pop music]310093
OvsannaMger[Armenian pop music]310094
Prosti (3)Mger[Armenian pop music]310095
Qez Hamar (8)Mger[Armenian pop music]310096
Qich En Qich XosqeryMger[Armenian pop music]310097