To activate a melody dial *127*1*melody code*2# or send an SMS with melody code to 127 short number. The activation of melodies from "Orange tunes" category is free of charge and the activation fee for other melodies is 400 AMD

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NameArtistCatalogueFragment Code  
Myus kyanqum818[Armenian pop music]300189
Te shtapes chushanas818[Armenian pop music]300192
Gishery mern e818[Armenian pop music]300191
Heranum em818[Armenian pop music]300190
Nexacel es (remix)505 Energy[Armenian pop music]300215
Tuk Tuk5ivesta Family[Russian pop music]100693
Vmeste Mi5ivesta Family[Russian pop music]100694
Na Rasstoyanii Zvonka5ivesta Family[Russian pop music]100046
Zachem5ivesta Family[Russian pop music]100047
Take Me Away (Dave Darrel Remix Radio Edit)4 Strings[International music]100692
Arevik (1)4 Korolya & Anna Khachatryan[Armenian pop music]309210
Jigyarov Zang32 Atam[Jokes and expressions]300204
Shirimis Vra32 Atam[Jokes and expressions]300209
Dubinka32 Atam[Jokes and expressions]304504
Qnel Siroxi Zangy32 Atam[Jokes and expressions]300207
Kamil Jingyalov Hac32 Atam[Jokes and expressions]307649
Bajanordy Xarabaxci E32 Atam[Jokes and expressions]300196
Chisht Txu Zang32 Atam[Jokes and expressions]300197
Nor Tari E (1)32 Atam[Jokes and expressions]307797
Smbo & Tata32 Atam[Jokes and expressions]307661