To activate a melody dial *127*1*melody code*2# or send an SMS with melody code to 127 short number. The activation of melodies from "Orange tunes" category is free of charge and the activation fee for other melodies is 400 AMD

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NameArtistCatalogueFragment Code  
ChinarA. Bayatyan[Other music]300221
ErbeviceA. Bayatyan[Other music]300223
Inch vor mi orA. Bayatyan[Other music]300226
Togh khosenA. Bayatyan[Other music]300235
KartsiqA. Bayatyan[Other music]300228
Es arbatsemA. Bayatyan[Other music]300224
AnhaytutyunA. Bayatyan[Armenian pop music]300218
Mtorumner garejri srahumA. Bayatyan[Other music]300232
ErbA. Bayatyan[Other music]300248
Im ynkerA. Bayatyan[Other music]300249
Arevot kirakiA. Bayatyan[Armenian pop music]300247
Kencaghayin ergA. Bayatyan[Other music]300229
Ardyoq du gitesA. Bayatyan[Armenian pop music]300219
Hay SpanerA. Bayatyan[Armenian pop music]300216
LusabacA. Bayatyan[Other music]300230
Cnundd shnorhavorA. Bayatyan[Other music]300222
MenaxosutyunA. Bayatyan[Other music]300231
O PoqrikA. Bayatyan[Other music]300233
Aydpes patahecA. Bayatyan[Armenian pop music]300220
Indz aystegh chen spasumA. Bayatyan[Other music]300227