To activate a melody dial *127*1*melody code*2# or send an SMS with melody code to 127 short number. The activation of melodies from "Orange tunes" category is free of charge and the activation fee for other melodies is 400 AMD

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NameArtistCatalogueFragment Code  
Siraharvel Em (3)Mger[Armenian pop music]310098
Siro NoktyurnMger[Armenian pop music]310099
Du Krkin PordzirKoryun Karapetyan[Other music]310069
Hin ChanaparhovLilit Hovhannisyan & Gevorg Ayvazyan[Armenian pop music]310074
Happy Birthday (3)Martin Mkrtchyan & Hripsime Hakobyan[Armenian pop music]310081
Verjin Zang (4)Mger[Armenian pop music]310100
Havata (15)Mger[Armenian pop music]310086
Hayastan (15)Mger[Armenian pop music]310087
Hayrik (9)Mger[Armenian pop music]310088
Tarose DzezMger & Arpi[Armenian pop music]310101
Im Yerevan (1)Mger & Dianna[Armenian pop music]310102
Meghavor Te AnmeghMger & Lusine Poghosyan[Armenian pop music]310103
You Are My Life (1)Mger & Sona[Armenian pop music]310104
Siro HeqiatMger & Sona Silver[Armenian pop music]310105
Harazat HogiMger feat Roza Filberg[Armenian pop music]310106
Gna Gna (4)Mihran Tsarukyan[Armenian pop music]310107
TonirMihran Tsarukyan feat Yana Hovhannisyan[Armenian pop music]310108
Annman (2)Monte[Armenian folk music]310109
Qamin zana (1)Monte[Armenian folk music]310110
Mankapartez Mnas BarovNanul[Armenian pop music]310111